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Access to cross screen Premium, Transparent, Brand Safe and Engaging Media Inventory

Branovate’s in-depth expertise, experience and understanding of media, networks and publishers, as well as the technology behind the digital video space, enable us to work directly with our media sources and partners. Our media network provides brands with access to a wide range of premium media sites, helping you to reach audiences and provide the most engaging digital video content experience. On the demand side, Branovate works directly with branded advertisers through direct relationships and programmatic video ad platforms.

Premium Media

Branovate’s Media team acquires premium media through direction relations, partnering with hundreds of top publishers, enabling them to grow and monetize their multiscreen inventory and engage their audience with top brands. We also partner with premium content owners, promoting their video content through video advertising, working with a wide variety of programmatic demand sources.

Our activities focus mainly on 300x250 ad units (desktop and mobile), offering in-banner video ads with a 100% fill rate and fully muted players.
We also offer vpaid/vast tags for pre-roll ads for small, medium and large players across desktop and mobile, on a fixed CPM basis.

We combine live stats with brand safe technologies and big data analytics to verify our campaigns reaches targeted audience when they are most engaged. Our proprietary self-learning platform constantly improves results and optimizes performance in real-time.

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Programmatic Buying


Programmatic is on every brand’s mind. The opportunity to identify your audience in real time, breaking out of the traditional media planning and optimize on the fly according to big data analytics is priceless. But programmatic has its pitfalls for the novice user. Our technology enable programmatic buying as a semi-automatic system. Branovate combines live stats with brand safe technologies and big data analytics to verify that all of our campaigns reach their targeted audiences when they are most engaged. Our team controls the process at all times and monitors all activity on an ongoing basis and in real-time, for the best results.

Audience Targeting

Branovate has developed a unique service that provides video content relevancy, matching the right content to the right audience. Our proprietary, data driven decision-support platform enables us to optimize performance across the board.

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Full Transparency


Branovate has developed cutting edge technologies to ensure our clients know where their digital video content ends up. We enable direct targeting; carefully handle cross domain issues, iframe and server masking. Backed by technologies and in-house analytics platform, we’re able to offer full transparency and management of media costs, customer data, campaign strategies and multi-screen performance optimization.

Maximum Viewability

To create the best engaging, cross-platform user experience for customers, and deliver high level viewability standards for its clients, Branovate optimizes brand safety, CDN solutions, matching performance and viewability metrics for fraud detection, using media quality verification monitoring, aligning viewability data with qualitative indicators and sophisticated tracking analytics technologies to ensure the highest level of standard.

Branovate has implemented an innovative viewability platform for the digital video industry that enables delivery of high level viewability standards for all market players. Our approach is to actively work with and educate our closest publisher partners about the benefits and the need for targeting relevant locations on their media properties and video ad implementation in the proper way within Branovate’s inventory, creating a long-standing trust between our demand and supply partners with an enhanced overall excellent business standards and engaged user performance. In addition, Branovate invests in developing technology tools that to offer publishers additional solutions for increased engagement performance, including a variety of ad units such as Interstitials, spotlight, floater and many more.

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