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Media Management & Services WITH PREMIUM PUBLISHERS and Video Content Owners direct relations with premium publishers and video content owners

Branovate’s Media team has an in-depth understanding of the digital media landscape and deliver premium media through direct partnerships with hundreds of top publishers, enabling them to grow and monetize their multiscreen inventory and engage their audience.

Media Buying

Our direct publishers benefit from our position in the industry and close relationships with a wide array of premium brands and professional content. We also partner with premium content owners, promoting their video content alongside distinguished brands.

Our activities run across all player sizes on both desktop and mobile, offering various size video ads with a 100% fill rate and fully muted players. We also offer vpaid/vast tags for pre, mid and post-roll ads for small, medium and large players across desktop and mobile on a fixed CPM basis

Content Distribution

Ad Formats

Content Syndication

Branovate provides a wide range of video ad formats which enables brands to create the best user experience, with high viewability and increased reach. Below you can see our gallery highlighting our various ad formats.

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Multi Screen Adaptation

Branovate’s technology and access to a wealth of demand sources enables us to identify, in real time, the location and device from which users are engaged and viewing your website content. We make sure you reach your users at all times, wherever they are, matched with the relevant advertising content, in a completely seamless manner.

Content Distribution