End User Privacy Policy

Last Updated: 22.05.2018

Branovate values your privacy, and therefore has set up this extensive privacy policy to inform you of your rights. Please take into consideration that your information travels through third parties as a part of its services, and that Branovate shall obey local regulations if required by law, which may require disclosure of information.

Information Branovate Collects: Branovate collects some information, both personally identifiable and non-personally identifiable, according to the following criterias.

Information You Provide Branovate: Branovate may retain information you voluntarily provide it, such as when you fill out forms for its advertisers, participate in its activities or provide it with information via website submission. Currently, Branovate does not specifically ask you for personal information.

Information Branovate Collects Through Your Use of the Services: Branovate may also retain information which is in its nature non-personally identifiable; where Branovate gathers it through your use of the services such as your device’s type, browser type, screen resolution, operating system, system preferences, the pages you viewed, the content you submitted and other information it collects through your use of the services. Branovate may also place a cookie on your device. A cookie is a small text file which allows Branovate to better know your preferences.

Information Branovate Receives From Third Parties: Branovate may also retain information it received and/or procured from third parties, such as its service providers, ad networks and marketing agencies, which all relate to your preferences and your use of the services. Branovate uses third party services to provide us with aggregated, non-personally identifiable, information.

How Does Branovate Use The Information? Branovate uses your personally identifiable information to provide you with the services, meaning the display of video content. Branovate uses the information to find advertisements which suit you most, and to show you personalized content. Branovate also uses aggregated, non-personally-identifiable information to provide improvement in the services and to perform random tests for additional features. Branovate shares your information in an aggregated manner with its publishers, advertisers and content creators.

Your Privacy Settings: Branovate uses some third party services to provide a part of the services and therefore shall make best efforts to comply with all privacy settings set in your account. However, as your information travels through various networks and servers, Branovate cannot ensure that it shall remain private at all times.

Who Has Access To Your Information? Branovate uses selected third parties to provide you with the service, and shall share some information with them, under strict confidentiality obligations, to provide you with the services. Moreover, Branovate’s employees and agents, who are under the most strict confidentiality obligations, also have monitored access to some of your information. Branovate’s employees undergo casual and routine monitoring. Lastly, your information will be shared in an aggregated, non-personally identifiable, manner with Branovate’s partners and users.

How Is Your Information Secured? Your information is secured in Branovate’s server, which is secured under industry standards. Branovate also performs occasional penetration tests, to make sure your information is secure.

How Can You Review Your Information? You can review all your information using Branovate’s web panel.

How Can You Remove Your Information? Should you request to remove your account, please contact Branovate at

Can You Opt Out Of Branovate’s Targeting? Yes! You may click here to opt out of Branovate’s targeting and receive anonymous service. However, in order to do so, Branovate may place a cookie on your device.

What Can You Do If You Feel That Your Privacy Was Violated? If you feel your privacy was compromised, you can contact Branovate's privacy officer at and request that he’ll review your complaint.